About Us

UNID Global Corporation, soaring into the global market
Challenge Your Innovative Dreams

UNID Global Corporation is a business entity to expand its business venues areas all around the world through unlimited challenges along with pleasant imaginations as well as to create the highest value where all our children can make their dreams come true.

Core Values
  • Challenge



    Relentless pursuit for the newest challenges with passion and courage Persistent self-development to be the very best at his/her work
  • Professionalism



    Procurement of expertise and adoptability in order to properly respond to ever-changing global business environment
  • Responsibility



    Commitment to excellence where everyone fulfills his/her duty to bring out the best with honesty and responsibility based on a sense of ownership
  • Performance



    Precision planning upon a goal aggressively established based on accomplishment-oriented determination followed by persistent effort to complete given duties according to schedule