About Us

UNID Global Corporation, soaring into the global market
  • Beginning of
    UNID Global Corporation

    Explosion of potential since founded in September, 1994

    Founded in September of 1994 under the name of ‘Chemtech’ with business venues of importing chemical products and raw materials, UNID Global Corporation changed its corporate name to its current title immediately after acquiring the international marketing department from UNID Global Corporation Ltd. (formerly known as Oriental Chemical Industries Co.) in 1997. UNID Global Corporation has successfully solidified its presence as a world-renowned general trading company after adding exporting operation to its business venue in addition to the imports while strengthening global network. Subsequently, it accumulated remarkable accomplishments relatively in short period of time as it was honored with the Export Tower of Presidential Award sponsored by KITA for $100 Million in 1998, $200 Million in 2004, $300 Million in 2007 and $400 Million in 2008.
  • The Growth Continues

    Persistent Pioneering of Global Market & Procurement of Long-term Agentship

    UNID Global Corporation supplies competitive chemical products as well as other relevant products by enhancing its professional marketing efforts based on complete industrial information gathered through powerful national and international network, which empowers UNID Global Corporation to be a leader of chemical engineering in Korea. Global network has been further enhanced as UNID Global Corporation established its local corporation in 5 countries in addition to foreign branches in 8 countries in order to continue its effort to pioneer the global market, which led UNID Global Corporation to successfully build a solid global network throughout China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and America. Moreover, UNID Global Corporation has been able to supply a variety of raw materials of chemicals and other specialized items to domestic market through it powerful global network. and this global network also helped UNID Global Corporation to expand its import & distribution network as well as to secure long-term agentship with world-renowned companies including Celanese Chemical (USA), Arkema (France), US Borax (USA), Elementis (UK), J.H.C. (Japan), Oxiteno (Brazil) and Shell (EU).
  • Future Prospect of
    UNID Global Corporation

    Aiming at Higher Value Business Venue with Specialized

    UNID Global Corporation is determined to continue our utmost effort to enhance systematic marketing activities to contribute to the success and growth of the customers as well as our own until the day that all of our customers fulfill make their dreams come true. UNID Global Corporation is dedicated to pursuing future business venues which create higher values with specialized services while placing our customers at the top of our priority.